The Pinnacle of Irish Whiskey

Experience the unparalleled excellence of Midleton Very Rare The Pinnacle Vintage, an extraordinary Irish whiskey like no other. This is the rarest single bottle of Midleton Very Rare ever crafted.

Tasting Notes


A Unique Blend of History and Craftsmanship

Midleton Very Rare The Pinnacle Vintage is a one-of-a-kind expression, meticulously crafted with portions from each of the 40 annual Midleton Very Rare releases. It also features an exceptional cask sample of traditional single pot still whiskey distilled in 1984, under the guidance of Barry Crockett, the founding Master Distiller of the Midleton Very Rare collection.

This singular bottle captures the essence of Midleton Very Rare, honoring the legacy of Barry Crockett and the craftsmanship of three Master Distillers over five decades. Despite the evolution of the whiskey industry since 1984, the enduring principles and consistent quality of this luxury Irish whiskey brand shine through in this timeless and unique whiskey.