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The Premium Whiskey Experience

We are Dublins Most Premium whiskey Experience. Located in the heart of Temple Bar Dublin offering unique and intimate whiskey tastings. We have some of the most knowledgeable whiskey experts in Ireland and the largest collection of whiskey on the Island! Everything you see you can taste.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Our Whiskey Tastings

Taste Of Ireland

This is a whiskey tasting experience that showcases the diverse and rich flavours of Irish whiskey. This special event will take you on a journey through the four different types of Irish whiskey, each with its own unique taste profile.

Redbreast Single Cask

A tailor made tasting of our Redbreast Single Cask Collection. A selection that boasts more than 26 individual bottles from the acclaimed Redbreast Single Cask Collection, we offer you the freedom to curate your own tasting.

Taste Carefully Selected Whiskeys

Expect an immersive sensory experience.

Personal Experience

Relish the ambiance of our exquisite setting during your visit.

Learn the Process

During the tasting, you're welcome to explore our store, engaging with the variety of whiskies on display.

In the Heart of Dublin

Discover Temple Bar's finest whiskey collection. Join us for a tasting or explore our extensive selection of Irish and world whiskies. Take home your favorite bottle from our carefully curated range.

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