A Memorable Visit from Michael Flatley at The Whiskey Reserve

The Whiskey Reserve was recently graced with the presence of the legendary Michael Flatley, the world-renowned dancer and choreographer. Known for his electrifying performances in "Riverdance" and "Lord of the Dance," Michael Flatley brought a touch of his signature flair to our whiskey haven. He even had the opportunity to try his very own Flatley Whiskey.

A Star-Studded Visit

Michael Flatley's visit was an honour for The Whiskey Reserve. His passion for Irish culture and history aligns perfectly with our dedication to preserving and celebrating the rich heritage of Irish whiskey. During his visit, Michael explored our extensive collection, including some of the rarest and most exclusive whiskeys in the world.

It was a memorable day that highlighted the connections between Irish culture, artistry, and the timeless craft of whiskey-making.


Stay tuned for more exciting events and visits at The Whiskey Reserve. We continue to celebrate the best of Irish heritage, one exceptional whiskey at a time.