The Temple Bar Irish Whiskey - 18 Year Old Single Malt (Malbec Edition) (70CL)



The Temple Bar 18 Year Old is a special indie bottling form the Temple Bar Pub in Dublin that has been finished in a Malbec casks. First, the whiskey is matured in a bourbon cask for 15 years before receiving a final finish in an Argentinian Malbec cask for another 3 years.

Roberto Appendino, a Temple Bar employee, is from Argentina. He combines his passion for Irish whiskey and Argentinian wine in this bottling. The wine barrels come from the Bodega Bianchi, where the Malbec grape grows in the perfect climate.

Tasting Notes

Opens up with a bouquet of ripe fruits, exotic nose. On the palate it is full bodied with flavours of spice, caramel and sweet vanilla.

The finish is very long with the whiskey really showing its age.

Not dissimilar to the 15 year old, it carries many citrus notes such as Lemon and Orange Peel. a Whiskey to be savoured right until the last drop.



The Temple Bar Irish Whiskey - 18 Year Old Single Malt (Malbec Edition) (70CL)

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