The Temple Bar Irish Whiskey - 18 Year Old Single Malt (70CL)



The Temple Bar 18 Year Old is a special and the latest core bottling form the Temple Bar Pub in Dublin.

The oldest expression released from the Temple Bar family.

Tasting Notes

Soft nose, lots of honey sweetness, malt, wood aromas, some sea buckthorn oil, a little waxy, vanilla and toffee.

The fruit notes are a bit hidden at the beginning. It takes a while for pears, bananas and some exotic coconut and peach to come out. There is also chocolate.

Taste Soft, creamy attack on the palate. Peaches, raspberries and plums also bring creamy, soft notes. Honey and vanilla add sweetness. Roasted aromas emerge in the background. Roasted coffee, roasted almonds, oak spice. I really like the taste of it.

Finish Medium-long finish, fruity-sweet, slightly fresh and floral. Hay, malt, grain. A bit bitter towards the end.



The Temple Bar Irish Whiskey - 18 Year Old Single Malt (70CL)

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